Maxture golf cart has rental solutions for all of your special events. We provide golf cart rentals for weddings, special events, family reunions, corporate events and more! Choose our 4-Passenger golf cart rentals. Whether you require 1 cart or more carts, for 1 day or 1 year, we’re here to help. We are India’s leading cart hire upcoming company and are the preferred suppliers for golf tournaments, rock concerts, film sets and outdoor exhibitions. With large fleet of Golf carts we are still growing.


LONG TERM HIRE: This is ideally suited to those clubs/Company that wish to operate and benefit from a buggy fleet, but do not want to concern themselves with the maintenance and upkeep of the buggies. The contracts are over 2 years and are based on either 32 or 52 weeks a year, although it is possible to combine the two (many courses operate the rental fleet for 32 weeks and operate a ranger cart all year round).Conditioned electric carts are available, as are utility vehicles and transporters vehicles.

SHORT TERM HIRE: Short term hire contracts are particularly tailored for special events, such as corporate days, tournaments, music festivals, and race meets, where any number of buggies may be required for organizational or hospitality purposes. Our short term hire fleet consists of a large fleet of golf carts. We arrange transport to and from your site, and we can provide drivers for the golf carts. For more information, please contact us with your requirements.

Golf carts are available for rental along with a driver. Intelligent Parking Systems offers golf carts for a variety of uses. Rent them for your next party or event. With our golf carts service, we can make your cart rental experience better than ever.

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